7th Grade Poetry

As National Poetry Month launches, we wanted to highlight the incredible poets in in Mrs. Briggs' 7th Grade ELA classes.  Brief excerpts are available below and the full poems can all be viewed HERE.

I didn’t go to summer camp,

My social life needs a revamp.

I can’t come over after school,

I’m sure your Lego Death Star’s cool!

- Bella Wark

I want to take off my mask and breathe fresh air

And then I remember

Corona Virus.

- Anonymous

The wind is everything in between.

The wind will steal what is gently held.

- Anonymous

I am silence

I feel tension stretching

Inch by inch

- Sophia Ecker

It slides unobtrusively


To his sleeping mind.

Magnified and amplified

Inside his subconscious.

- Clark Abrahamsen

After days, no, years of anger

There seems to be little to argue about

But the hate still lingers

- Anonymous

When will we learn

Learn that hate is not the answer to disagreement

That words are stronger than the most powerful gun

- Anonymous

4. Feelings

Of lost life, of doubt,

Wars clouding their minds like spring with a drought.

- Anonymous

The missing aren’t missing

They’re only departed

For children remain children for only so


- Merry Adrian


If only I had been there

I could have saved him.

- Anonymous

How long has it snowed

Time seems to stop in its tracks

Snowflakes on my cheeks.

- Josh Trachimowicz

 We believe different things

And have different opinions 

But that doesn't mean we get 

To be harmful to one another

- Addison Small

Peace had an impact

She left buildings intact

She called for change in a firm clear voice

Those who wished to stop her became queasy


- Anonymous

I strut down the street with my head held high.

I own the street.

Everyone bows down and whispers things about me that I hear every day.

- Anonymous

You just want to lay down for hours and listen to the relaxing noise, the fresh smell, and then 

You get all wet, but in the end it was all worth it in the end because it was your time, 

- Anonymous

I’ll get cutdown, but I will restore

A blade of grass Is forever 

And more. 

- Laura Leighton