Students gather around a science lab table
A group of high school student standing and kneeling in front of a building
Unified basketball players running on the court
photo of a dozen books of different shapes and colors
QRC about the 7 options
DLT Budget Presentation, mint green background with a CE Logo in maroon and gold
possible 7 options
CE logo with maroon letters and gold outline
3 students sit at a decorated table with the CE logo with their college sponsor in front of them
Revised 2023-24 School Calendar
Four Cape students stand arm in arm wearing Cape Elizabeth T-shirts
Two students stand in front of a banner for Cumberland County Fair with a judge and their awards and pigs
Eli Beber, Neil Gabrielson, Hayden Marquardt-Grainer, John McCormick, Trevor Oakley, Simon Shyka-Brown, Theresa Straw
CE logo "news" in a maroon background and white lettering
Poster for CEHS Musical "Afterthought"
Grace Gray runs on a track with an orange cone on grass in the background
Keegan Lathrop is on a filed in lacrosse attire running, another player from a different team is running behind him
retirees from the CESD stand in front of the School Board
Standing left to right Henry Adams, Emily Whalen and Evan Zack