PE students active gaming

What a week! 

Active Gaming in PE

Mr. Belanger has set up the gym for active gaming. 8th graders are playing games like Just Dance, Wii Sports, and Guitar Hero. 

Digital Exchange with Spain

Sra. Dana has connected the 7th grade with a teacher in Tafalla, Spain to have digital exchanges with another class this year. For their first exchange, students created an introduction and describe their Thanksgiving traditions in Spanish. The students in Tafalla are going to introduce themselves and describe their holiday customs. This picture is from a video introduction- First day of snow in Cape.

Green Screen Filming

Mrs. Hawkes' 7th graders are finishing up a unit on the Middle Ages and are creating movies to show their learning.  In this photo, Mr. Troy Patterson, Director of Technology, is listening in on a group as they work through adding a background to their clip.

Art and Activism

Students on the Expeditionary team went to Portland to look at older pieces of public art to understand what they can tell us about the time when they were built. Students researched their assigned public art pieces and acted as tour guides for their group.

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