Mindfulness Ambassadors pose with their bulletin board

This year, sixth graders had the opportunity to be mindfulness ambassadors. Mindfulness Ambassadors help promote qualities of mindfulness throughout the school, like being kind, being true to yourself, and having awareness of self and others. Students have found meaning in doing this work for others:

“Being a mindfulness ambassador means that I can help others feel more themselves.” 

- Abby P.

“It makes me feel like I can do something in the school, and that I can help people.”

Kayleigh H.

"It means to help other people and be grounded and  to just be there in the moment."

- Olivia M.

Small groups of students offered up their WIN time to work on various projects. One group of students created a bulletin board reminding students to, “Embrace Your Weirdness.”  Two other groups have been designing a space in the LLC as a Mindful Corner, where students can come to take a break in their day. They have been working with Ms. Marcus to put together a grant to purchase some of the supplies they have decided are important for the space. A fourth group has focused on creating content for the mindfulness website and planning a mindful moment over morning announcements. A final group has focused on random acts of kindness. Their first project was to drop inspirational messages into the lockers of every fifth grader. Each group has found a way to meaningfully contribute to the school community.

The self-dubbed Kindness Crew shows off their messages before planting them in lockers.

One of the student design drafts for what the Mindful Corner could look like.

The Bulletin Board Ambassadors Hard at Work.