CE logo with maroon letters and gold outline
3 students sit at a decorated table with the CE logo with their college sponsor in front of them
Revised 2023-24 School Calendar
Four Cape students stand arm in arm wearing Cape Elizabeth T-shirts
Two students stand in front of a banner for Cumberland County Fair with a judge and their awards and pigs
Eli Beber, Neil Gabrielson, Hayden Marquardt-Grainer, John McCormick, Trevor Oakley, Simon Shyka-Brown, Theresa Straw
CE logo "news" in a maroon background and white lettering
Poster for CEHS Musical "Afterthought"
Grace Gray runs on a track with an orange cone on grass in the background
Keegan Lathrop is on a filed in lacrosse attire running, another player from a different team is running behind him
A green and blue canopy is above two employees on the PC playground
retirees from the CESD stand in front of the School Board
Standing left to right Henry Adams, Emily Whalen and Evan Zack
Light blue banner with black outlines of people throwing caps into the air, streamers are along the top of the banner in different colors
CE logo "news" in a maroon background and white lettering
CE logo "news" maroon background with CESD News in white lettering, CESD is smaller, while NEWS is larger
CE logo "news"
Mrs. Plummer and students stand in front of the school board and Dr. Record, while a slide is reflecting on the wall behind them